Hello community. It is I, legato, the wiki adopter. I've been pretty absent from this wiki for some time due to just being plain busy with life. That and it became increasing difficult to find articles to write about since Bomberman has become so obscure these days. Recently I've devoted my time to working on a youtube channel and producing a series called Story Mode. Basically I focus on the storylines of older video games and dig deep into them by reading manual pages and such.

Anywho, that brings me to my point, some time ago I did a video on Bomberman's origin and Bomberman for NES in particular. I'm currently working on another video and I'll be sure to share it as soon as it is finished. If you're interested, I'll also post the playlist to my other works so feel free to let me know what you guys think. Thanks for your time !

Bomberman video:

My channel:

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