Trampoline (トランポリン, Toranporin) is a trap that appears in some Bomberman games.[1] It is a single tile that interacts with the player. In most of its appearances, upon stepping on a Trampoline, a player can jump over obstacles and land on another tilespace by using the Control Pad.[2] There is typically a slight delay before the jump is actually made, which gives the player some time to choose a direction to move in.

In its initial appearance in Super Bomberman, a player who steps on a Trampoline will be launched out of the top of the screen, and will then fall onto a nearby tile space. The landing point is unknown, and the player may even land back on the Trampoline.[3] If a player is launched by a Trampoline and lands on a Trampoline, he or she may walk across any adjacent Trampolines without being launched, until reaching a normal floor space.

In Super Bomberman 2, when a player steps on a Trampoline, the distance to which Bomberman will jump depends on when and how long the directional button is pressed. If no directional button is pressed, Bomberman will jump straight up into the air and land on the Trampoline again. If the player presses a direction after jumping, Bomberman will move at most one tile space. By holding down a directional button before the jump is made, Bomberman can move three to four tile spaces - three if the button is released early after jumping, and four if the button remains pressed. If Bomberman lands on blocks or bombs, he will bounce over them like a thrown bomb. In Normal Mode, if he reaches the edge of the map, he will reverse directions. In Battle Mode, players will screen wrap upon reaching the edge of the map.

In Super Bomberman 3, Trampolines appear as underwater Fountains (噴水). A player stepping on a Fountain will always jump four tile spaces in any direction.[4] If a player steps on a Fountain and does not press any direction, the player will jump in the direction in which he or she is currently facing.


Artwork from the Super Bomberman Guidebook

In Super Bomberman 5, Trampolines function similarly to how they do in Super Bomberman 2, but players will always screen wrap upon reaching the edge of the map.



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