Top Bomber is a combined bomberman who debuted in the Bomberman Jetters anime in episode 6.

He was created to find the unique pickaxe. However, the Hige-Hige Bandits mistook a top for a drill, thus Top Bomber is unable to dig, because a top can only spin. He also found an elevator near the Hige-Hige's ship's landing. Although, his weight combined with the rest of the Higes' weight caused the elevator to exceed, which made Top Bomber wait for the next elevator. Once he caught up with the Hige-Higes, Top Bomber performed tricks with his Top Bomb, later intimidated by Mujoe into fighting the Jetters. He was defeated by White Bomber's Fire Bomb.

He reappeared in the B-1 grand prix against Hige Bandit No. 156, but lost when Top Bomber foolishly drove himself out of the ring.


Top Bomber's appearance resembles that of a Bomberman with the appearance of a sumo-wrestler, whose legs are made into a spinning top.



Top Bomb

  • Top Bomb - Top Bomber's special bomb is the Top Bomb. He is also skilled in spinning tops and can perform outstanding tricks.


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