The Three Devil Musketeers (デビル三銃士 Debiru Sanjuushi) are antagonists in the Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory series. They form a team as part of the Devilvader Space Pirates (宇宙海賊デビルベーダー Uchū Kaizoku Debirubēdā) who serve King Vader, and their mission is to obtain powerful jewels called Crysmonds that are scattered throughout spacetime in order to help him achieve his goal of conquering the universe.

Recurring villains throughout the series, they are frequently opposed by the B-Da Cops protagonists who are comprised of White Bomber, Blue Bomber and Red Bomber initially. However, they also serve as comic relief as seen while trying to carry out their dastardly plots and when being constantly thwarted despite their best efforts.

Like their enemies, the Musketeers' are also able to pilot Battle Suits by transforming themselves into the machine's head and combining with the main body. Ultimately they can fuse into the massive Devil Trident (デビル・トライデント Debiru Toraidento).

The Three Devil Musketeers are:

  • Akumanto: (アクマント Akumanto) The muscle of the team, a black mustached villain who likes to flex his biceps. He has a scorpion-like battle suit called Devil Blightstar (デビル・ブライトスター Debiru Buraitosutaa). Akumanto ends all his sentences with "manto".
  • Docdandy: (ドクダンディ Dokudandei) An effeminate, tall villain who hates Yellow Bomber and has a crush on Black Bomber. Has a bee-like battle suit called Devil Hornet (デビル・ホルネト Debiru Horuneto).
  • Gestra: (ゲストラ Gesutora) The brains of the Three Devil Musketeers, his color is green and he's rather chubby. His Helix-like battle suit is called Devil Poseidon (デビル・ポセイドン Debiru Poseidon). He ends all his sentences with "gesu".

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