Artwork from the Super Bomberman 4 manual

The Surprise Floor (びっくりふろあ) is a trap that appears in Super Bomberman 4. It is a single floor tile that randomly changes its behavior when it is hit by an explosion. The four behavior types are as follows:

SurpriseFloorNormal Normal Floor (ノーマル床) - This is an ordinary floor space.

SurpriseFloorSliding Sliding Floor (すべる床) - A player who steps on this space will continue to move until he or she collides with an obstacle or lands on a non-sliding floor. While sliding, players cannot take any action, such as moving or placing a bomb.

SurpriseFloorSlow Slow Movement Floor (きが遅くなる床) - Players who walk upon this space will move at minimum speed.

SurpriseFloorSkull Skull Floor (ドクロ床) - Players who step on this space will receive the Reverse Disease. Unlike a regular Skull item, this effect cannot be passed to another player or discarded by obtaining a different item. It will eventually wear off.


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