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Super Bomberman R (スーパーボンバーマン R, Sūpābonbāman R, in Japanese) is an entry in the Bomberman series developed as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, and the first console Bomberman entry since 2010's Bomberman Live: Battlefest.

The team is made up by former Hudson Soft staff, who were taken on the project after Nintendo approached Konami.


The evil Emperor Buggler reawakens the Five Dastardly Bombers, and uses them to seize control of the five planets of the Starry Sky Solar System. He welcomes anyone who disagrees to challenge the Five Dastardly Bombers themselves. White Bomber takes his seven not-so-enthusiastic brothers and sisters with him on his quest to defeat the Buggler Army and save the universe!


This game includes two modes: Battle and Story.

Story Mode

This mode features over fifty playable stages and can support two players cooperatively.

Battle Mode

Plays exactly as the same as any other traditional games in the series. Players will go through a 2D grid based platform and perform to drop bombs to defeat opponents. The last bomber standing will be the winner of the game. It can support up to eight player competitively


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Grand Prix


The following Bombermen are playable, all retooled with unique personalities and half featuring rounded heads instead of square heads. Despite being called the Bomberman Bros., two are female.

Unlockable Characters

All of the Special characters will be available to purchase through an in-game shop. The Five Dastardly Bombers become available after completing the main story mode of the game, and each one has their own unique abilities, each character costs 6000 gold each (excluding Pretty Bomber, who costs 30000, and Vic Viper, Belmont, and Pyramid Head, who cost 10 coins).

In addition, Buggler returns with a more humanised look.






Voice cast





  • On March 30, 2017, it was announced during a livestream with the YouTube channel "The Game Theorists" that Super Bomberman R will have free DLC, featuring additional stages and characters.

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