Stage 2 is the second stage in Neo Bomberman. It is a sewer system that is located beneath Stage 1. Part of the stage is underwater, and part of it lies above the water on thin pipe pathways. Enemies and explosions cannot cross the steps leading into the water. Bombs placed underwater cannot be kicked or thrown.

Soft Blocks are only found underwater in this stage, and when one Soft Block is destroyed, every Soft Block that touches it will be destroyed, resulting in a domino effect that can eliminate large clusters of Soft Blocks.

There are no Cages in this stage.




  • Stage 2-1
    • Enemies: Spiral Shell X2, Sewer Mouth X2, Red Submarine X1
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Fire Up X1
  • Stage 2-2
    • Enemies: Spiral Shell X2, Sewer Mouth X3, Nucha X1
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Speed Up X1, Invincible Suit X1
  • Stage 2-3
    • Enemies: Sewer Mouth X3, Nucha X2, Charge X2
    • Items: Fire Up X1, Bomb Kick X1
  • Stage 2-4
    • Enemies: Charge X1, Diver X3, Razor Dash X2
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Speed Up X1, Clock X1
  • Stage 2-5
    • Enemies: Sewer Mouth X2, Diver X2, Razor Dash X2, Baketama X1
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Red Bomb X1
  • Stage 2-6
    • Enemies: Charge X1, Diver X2, Razor Dash X1, Baketama X2
    • Items: Fire Up X1, Wall Pass X1
  • Stage 2-7
    • Boss: Twin Fish

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