Spellmaker, Bomberman 64

Spellmaker (マスター, Master, in Japan) is the miniboss of Stage 2 of Rainbow Palace. They have five hearts, the highest amount for a "bigger" boss like Spellmaker. Their weakness is his shadow, and Bomberman must kick bombs at it to damage him. This is not quite as easy as the fight with Cerberus, as Sirius does not give Bomberman remote bombs for the battle. Getting their gold cards is difficult; however, it is possible to get them by chance without even trying, however unlikely and random.


Spellmaker calls their attacks using a rainbow-coloured deck of eight cards; each one is one of the Major Arcana of the standard Tarot deck. In the Japanese version, they also say the name of the card in English as they play it, but in the Western releases all eight cards have the same "ah ha ha!" cue. The cards and attacks are as follows:

  • The Sun (red, a picture of a white circle on a shield-like design) - A five-pointed circle of Spellmaker masks appear and descend to the ground, summoning a fiery dragon which slowly follows Bomberman around and will damage him on contact. The dragon is invulnerable and vanishes by itself after a set time. Spellmaker will play other cards while it's in play.
  • The Star (yellow, a picture of a star) - The same five-pointed circle appears, but this time rises into the air, followed by a giant foot appearing to crush the area below.
  • The Lovers (pink, a picture of a heart inside an 'X') - Spellmaker disappears and a giant Spellmaker
    Spellmaker's Cards

    Spellmaker's cards in the order they are listed. The green card is not shown.

    mask appears, spitting out a series of random powerups. Taking any of these removes the Gold Card given for free at the start of the battle; they include all normal powerups, as well as bombs which explode, heavy weights which crush Bomberman if they land on him but are harmless once on the ground, the Skull powerups normally only seen in multiplayer, and a few other seemingly useless items. After this attack completes, Spellmaker will rise up from the floor.
  • The World (green, a picture of the Earth surrounded by a swirl) - The room fades out to an image of space with the Earth and Moon visible, and dozens of stars fall all over the arena. A hit will stun Bomberman. The attack isn't dangerous in itself, but Spellmaker will usually play two other cards before it plays out.
  • Justice (green-blue, a picture of a dagger) - Spellmaker throws slow-moving cards at Bomberman's current location, which cause a brief swirl of energy before exploding like a normal bomb; the explosion is the only part that deals damage. Essentially, they're just kicking bombs at you that don't stun you if they hit you.
  • The Moon (pale blue, a picture of a crescent moon) - Giant fists appear one at a time in the air above Bomberman briefly, before dropping to the ground below them, crushing Bomberman if he's caught underneath. The attack can consist of anything from two to seven fists, and Spellmaker will often play another card before it ends.
  • The Devil (dark blue, a picture of a ram's skull) - Spellmaker's shadow extends towards Bomberman's current position and forms a hand that grabs the ground where he was standing. The "arm" doesn't count as part of Spellmaker's shadow for purposes of damage, and the hand only takes hits for purposes of getting the Gold Card; hitting it does no damage to the boss.
  • Death (violet, a picture of two crossed scythes) - Spellmaker's shadow appears behind them holding a scythe, then vanishes, a green arc sweeping across the ground a short distance in front. If they're forced to evade, they'll perform the attack as soon as he lands. Only the arc deals damage; being between it and Spellmaker is safe. A kicked bomb that is hit by the arc will stop.

Spellmaker's card choices aren't completely random; they can't play a card if the effect of the same card is still in play (for example, he cannot have two Sun dragons in play, or a double star shower from playing World twice), and certain cards have limits to what cards can follow (for example, they only plays the final four early-match cards during World's effect). Spellmaker typically won't play the first four cards until they've taken about 50% damage, and seems to have a lower probability of picking these cards than the other four even when they are in play.


Spellmaker, like Cerberus, will evade kicked bombs, this time by flying through the air. They can also evade thrown bombs by vanishing, leaving their cape fluttering in the air. If they do this, they'll peek up from below the ground for a moment before rising up, making it an ideal time to attack his hat for the Gold Card.

The Lovers card can be exploited to power up Bomberman; since the powerups are carried over from life to life, as long as Bomberman isn't on his last life for the current continue he can grab them, die, and return to a state of having the "no items" Gold Card.

Spellmaker has five hearts, and each one is equivalent to two hits from a regular bomb. Once defeated, Spellmaker is completely destroyed, except for their mask.

Gold Cards

  1. Burn their hat
  2. Burn their cape
  3. Leave a bomb in the Devil card's hand so it explodes before it closes.
  4. Do not take any of his items
  5. Defeat them by target time


  • Unused voice clips reveal that the Spellmaker was originally going to announce his attacks, but in the final game, he simply laughs. In the Japanese version, however, he does announce his next attack.


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