Artwork from the Super Bomberman 3 Japanese manual

Soccer Bomber (PK-ボンバー, PK-Bomber, in Japan)[1] is a minigame that appears in Super Bomberman 3. When enabled in the Battle Game, it gives the winning player of a Single Match the opportunity to gain an item for the next match.

After the celebratory screen is given for the winner of a match, that player will enter the Soccer Bomber minigame. Six Rooeys will appear in front of a goal, each holding a different item. The item panels are then flipped and concealed, and the Rooeys shuffle randomly into different positions. The player can then select one of the Rooeys with the directional pad and kick a soccer ball at that Rooey with the A button. Whichever item the Rooey was holding will be granted to the player in the next match.[2]

The available items in Soccer Bomber mode are as follows:[3]


  • In the Japanese name "PK-Bomber", "PK" refers to a penalty kick, in which a soccer player gets a free chance to make a goal.



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