Sky Room

Black Bomberman, preparing for takeoff at the Sky Room.

The Sky Room is a level in the game, Bomberman Hero. It is located at Planet Bomber, at the Bomber Base, also known as Area 1. Within the Sky Room, Bomberman can find an Adok Bomb. The target score for the Sky Room is 4000, and the cap is 4050. Here, a new hazard, bottomless pits, are introduced.


After Bomberman clears either the Secret Room or the Heavy Room, he finds himself high above the tower of Bomber Base where solid ground is not as abundant as it was in the previous levels. If Bomberman makes an ill-timed jump, he will be penalized by losing a life as there are bottomless pits, so learning to time jumps is vital here. Not only that, but Bomberman must find a Card Key in order to leave the Sky Room. There are also conveyor belts that can impede Bomberman's progress, which were seen back at the Hyper Room, so a switch must be pressed to stop the belts. The Adok Bomb can be found at the beginning of the level if Bomberman first goes up, jumps, and watches Black Bomberman fly away. Bomberman must then jump left and wait for the platform to rise high enough so Bomberman can reach the Adok Bomb.

Bomberman Hero Walkthrough (Part 5) - Sky Room02:20

Bomberman Hero Walkthrough (Part 5) - Sky Room

Walkthrough for the Sky Room

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