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Sildork, one of the Dark B-Da

Sildork (シルドーク Shirudoku) is a villain in Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden and a member of the Dark B-Da's Four Great Dark Beings (四天王 Shitennou). He is the last one to be sent by Dark Koutei to conquer B-Da City. When first introduced in the series, it is revealed that he was jailed for rebelling against Koutei himself. He was voiced by Yousuke Akimoto in the Japanese anime.

B-Daman Bakugaiden

Sildork was imprisoned by Dark Koutei for attacking him, wanting to take him down so he could rule over the Dark B-Da. He was defeated, however, but the dark emperor kept him alive, knowing he was a powerful warrior and still seeing a use for him.

Craving battles, he does not spare any heroes unless they give him a good fight. His quote is "You're not strong enough to be worthy of me killing you". When he first meets the Bombers, he even says he doesn't fight weaklings, and told them to get stronger if they wanted to battle him again. He lives by a warrior code and seems to have a sense of honor.

In the end, the heroes never beat him outright, but manage to damage his suit enough that he is forced to retreat. However, he ends up coming back stronger than ever when he acquires a powerful energy source in the form of the B-Da Jewel. He nearly kills them and admits that they are strong opponents but takes off, promising to come back for them once he has overthrown his dark master.

Dark Armor

His Dark B-Da Armor, Yoroi Genbu (鎧玄武 Yoroi Genbu), has insanely high defense and normal shots cannot penetrate its powerful armour. Its most devastating attack, "Mega Metal Cannon", is when it opens its head and fires a large and powerful ball of B-Da energy from it. But this is also where its weak spot is, as this firing spot is just above the cockpit of the suit itself. The suit can transform into an armoured turtle capable of swimming.