Saturn Bomberman Fight!! is a video game released for the Sega Saturn only in Japan. It is the sequel to Saturn Bomberman. Unlike previous games, the game maps are isometric giving it a 3D appearance along with the characters. There are several modes in this game including multiplayer and a how to play tutorial...


Each player has a health bar and a bomb level bar. The player must hit the other players with enough fire power to deplete their life bar. The bomb level bar increases as the player sets bombs. When the bar reaches its max, the player can then use the big bomb which will detonate in a large blast radius and cause lots of damage.

The field (except for one) is littered with soft blocks and hard blocks. The soft blocks contain items, some of which are marked with question marks. They have random effects, some of which are good and some which are bad. The player has several abilities in this game. The newest ability is that they are able to jump and double jump. The field has different altitudes across its surface so this ability comes in handy.

The only rideable character in this game is a brown horse. He moves very quickly and will absorb one hit point for the player. After you've been hit, the player will jump off the horse and he will run across the screen and can be retrieved again. He can even swallow bombs when you walk close to them.

List of Characters

Story Mode

Story mode includes eight matches against computer characters, although some characters only have seven matches. The final match is always against Deral and each story has unique endings for the characters. One of the matches is fought against two computer players.

Survival Mode

This mode has the player face one computer character at a time and goes on endlessly until they lose. After every so many wins, the background image will change. It usually depicts characters from the game.


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