Red Cave is a level in the game Bomberman Hero. It is the third level of Area 2 of Planet Bomber, the Sea of Trees, and the target score is 5500. It can be accessed after completing Hole Lake.


Red Cave, as the name states, is mainly a cave-based level. The color of the rocks of these level gives it the red color.


For Red Cave, White Bomberman much reach the end. Unlike the past two levels, Red Cave isn't straightforward and White Bomberman must work his way toward the right side of the stage. After reaching the middle of the stage, White Bomberman can exit to leave the stage and access Dark Wood.

Adok Bombs

There are no Adok Bombs in this level.

Alternate Exit

The alternate exit is located on the very far side of the level. If White Bomberman heads through this exit, he can access the next, true level Big Cannon.

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