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Pyramid Head Bomber is a Bomberman with a pyramid for a head, based on the Pyramid Head character from the Silent Hill games. He can use his his great knife to kill other Bombermen, the Five Dastardly Bombers, excluding their mechas, and other enemies. He is immortal and only articulates through growls and grunts. He looks very similar to Pyramid Head, except for his more Bomberman-like limbs, and the iconic pink ball on his head.

Considering the mature content, shocking imagery and strong violence that the Silent Hill series is well known for, Pyramid Head Bomber is very out of place in a family-friendly Bomberman game. However, he does not share the violent and sexual behavior of Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2.


  • A similarly cartoonish version of Pyramid Head had previously appeared in Konami's New International Track & Field for Nintendo DS.