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Pontan is a spinning coin-like enemy. It first appeared in Bomberman for the Famicom.

Pontan moves very quickly, passing through Soft Blocks and constantly pursuing the player. In its original appearance, it is the most dangerous enemy in the game.

In Bomberman II, Pontan does not pass through soft blocks and moves aimlessly.

Although it sometimes appears in a stage's enemy set, in some games Pontans may be summoned to a stage in one of the following manners:

  • In some Bomberman games, when the Exit is hit by an explosion, one or more Pontans will appear.
  • When the timer drops to 0:00, approximately 20 Pontans will appear. This is the game's way of trying to punish the player not completing the stage within the time limit. Skilled players may be able to kill each Pontan and continue playing with an infinite time limit. However, in some games, such as Bomberman for Nintendo DS, Pontans will continue to pour out of the Exit.



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