Planet Resort is a planet debuting in "Find Treasure Island!" in the anime, Bomberman Jetters.


After several failures in the hands of the Jetters, Bagura assigns a mission to Mujoe to retrieve the unique figurehead that wears a schoolgirl uniform in Planet Resort. The Hige-Hige arrive at the planet and are given a map to the item. The Jetters arrive as well, who were notified of the Hige-Hige's appearance and are given the same map. The Jetters, as well as the Hige-Hige, traverse the ocean searching for skull island, which contains the item.

Upon reaching the island, the island reveals itself as a giant squid. The giant squid hurls the Jetters and the Hige-Hige to a distant crescent-shaped island. On the other hand, Max has found the unique item on the crescent-shaped island. Before he could retreat, the Jetters spot Max and attempt to bring him down. Max, however, fights back and successfully retreats.

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