Planet Kouraku is a planet in the Bomberman Jetters anime and the main setting in episode 7. Kouraku is popular for the overwhelming number of maple trees, as well as home to the best matsutake mushrooms. Mice-like Aliens inhabit this planet.

Episode 7

The Jetters decided to go on a day-off in Planet Kouraku by having a picnic and gathering some matsutake mushrooms. When White Bomber's Bomberman onigiri rolled down, he followed it up to a hole. Inside the hole houses small creatures resembling mice called "Aliens".

One of the Aliens, Chuuta, found out that his fiancee, Chuuko, is missing, and the Jetters assisted in the search. They managed to find Chuuko trapped inside the Hige-Hige Bandits' picnic basket. Chasing the Hige-Hige around the planet, the Hige-Hige found an observatory. One of the Hige-Hige found a map which leads to a hotspring. Once they left with all belongings still in the observatory, Chuuta opens the picnic basket and is reunited with Chuuko.


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