Pakupa is an enemy that originated in Super Bomberman.

Pakupa moves at a speed of 2, only changing direction when colliding with walls or other enemies. If a bomb is within 8 spaces of Pakupa, and there are no blocks between them, Pakupa will pursue and devour it. Pakupa requires 3 hits to destroy.

In Super Bomberman 5, Pakupa requires only 1 hit to destroy, and pursues the players' bombs regardless of how many spaces away they are.

They reappear in the Lava World of Bomberman Portable. They also appear as uncommon enemies in Super Bomberman R, redesigned with two eyes and teeth and featuring a less predictable pattern.


  • In Super Bomberman 5, if two bombs are placed on opposite sides of Pakupa, the AI will become confused and will constantly change directions to face both bombs.


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