Numb Bomb (しびれてぼん) the fifth stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman 4. In this stage, there are no Soft Blocks, and each player begins the match with the following items:

  • SB4BombUp SB4BombUp SB4BombUp SB4BombUp (Total of 5)
  • SB4Fire SB4Fire (Total reach of 6)
  • SB4BombKick
  • SB4Push
  • SB4PowerGlove
  • SB4Punch

The featured trap here is the Electric Rope.

Numb Bomb 5-1Edit


Numb Bomb 5-2Edit

Password: 4622
Players start next to each other in the middle of the stage.

Numb Bomb 5-3Edit

Password: 0520
There is a small, enclosed area in the middle of the stage, which poses a risk to players who enter it.

Numb Bomb 5-4Edit

Password: 0903
Three pathways allow players to move up or down out of the screen and screen wrap to the other side of the stage.


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