This article is about Mujoe from the anime, Bomberman Jetters. If you are looking for an article with the same name or nearly identical name, see Mujoe.

Mujoe is one of the antagonists of the Bomberman Jetters anime. In other occasions, he may be helping the Jetters, most notably towards the end of the series. His main priority is to impress Bagura by stealing one-of-a-kind items in the universe.


Early life

Mujoe started out as a wasted, lonely man, drinking his life away. Bagura found him drunk and takes him to his home. The two have created a bond with each other, which was revealed in episode (#). Afterwards, the two built the Shumulvault.


Episode appearances

Mujoe appears in a majority of the anime as one of the main antagonists of the series.



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