Pommy Sea is a Charabom that only appeared in Bomberman Tournament.

Bomberman Tournament

MarinGon is found in the same area as the entrance to Pretty Base, in NorthSea. A school of fish will be blocking the entrance, with one of them looking uncomfortable. Approaching it, Bomberman obtains a FishHook and the fish move out of the way, clearing a path. Further ahead, MarinGon will join the player's team. Behind him will be an entrance to a fairy.

Max Stats
Attribute:EleFire (Fire)
 EleWater (Water)
SmallHp 210


MarinGon provides the LineBomb ability; Lay down a bomb, then press A again to set down a line of bombs as many as Bomberman can lay. The ability can only be used while MarinGon is set and the ToughGuy's BombGlove ability is disabled.

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