The Magnet (マグネット, Magunetto) is a trap that appears in Super Bomberman 2. It is a special Hard Block that is shaped like a horseshoe magnet.

When a Magnet is hit with an explosion, it will change directions,[1] turning 90 degrees in a clockwise direction.

When a bomb is placed directly in line with a Magnet, no more than four tile spaces in front of it, that bomb will be magnetically attracted to the Magnet.[2] The bomb will move toward the Magnet, becoming completely passable by both the player and enemies, and will stop once it collides with the Magnet. The bomb can also no longer be kicked or thrown, though if it is a Remote Bomb, it can still be detonated. It will remain in this state until it explodes, even if another explosion changes the direction of the Magnet.

If there is an enemy, bomb, or block in between a bomb and a Magnet, that bomb will not be attracted to the Magnet.


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