Magma Dam is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the third level of Area 1 of the Kanatia Star, Lavana Volcano, and it can be accessed from completing Magma Lake.



The main objective is to make it to the end. However, it's so hot at Magma Lake that White Bomberman's health bar will slowly drop. Fortunately, there are numerous of cooling chambers that will recover Bomberman's health. Earning the target score isn't too difficult as long Bomberman doesn't fall into the lava. Completing this level and leads to the 2 ways of going to another level, either Crysta Hole or Emerald Tube.

Adok Bomb

The Adok Bomb in this level can be found inside the brown hard square. White Bomberman must fire the bomb in order to destroy the dam and destroy the box revealing the Adok Bomb.

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