Large Snowball trap artwork from the Super Bomberman 3 manual

Large Snowball (大雪玉), also known as Snowball, is a trap that appears in some Bomberman games. As the name implies, it is a large, heavy snowball.

The snowball rests against anywhere from one to three Soft Blocks, sitting off the map on a part of one of the northern walls. The Soft Blocks support it, and once they have all been eliminated, the snowball will quickly tumble downward, rolling off of the bottom of the screen. Players and monsters caught on the tilespace under the snowball will be damaged, and bombs will be detonated.

In Battle Mode stages containing a Large Snowball, once the snowball has disappeared from the screen, it will eventually respawn back at its original location, with two Soft Blocks supporting it on either side.

The trap first appeared in Bomberman '94 as a Wine Barrell (酒樽). Unlike its later incarnations, the Wine Barrell is not supported by Soft Blocks; instead, it is supported by two timbers that appear on the wall. When the timbers are hit by a horizontal blast, the barrell will tumble down in the same way that a snowball would. It "flattens" and stuns enemies for a brief amount of time rather than destroying them completely.

In Saturn Bomberman, Snowballs appear on the floor, acting as Hard Blocks. When directly blasted, a Snowball will begin to roll in the opposite direction of the blast, gradually increasing in size. It will harm enemies and players, destroy Soft Blocks, and detonate bombs on impact, and will only break when it collides with a Hard Block. Snowballs are always positioned so that they will roll to the left or right when blasted.




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