The Killer Gate is a level in Princess Millian's home planet, Primus Star's Clock Tower in Area 3, in the game Bomberman Hero. It comes after the battle with Nitros at Area 2, and before Spiral Tower. The target score for Killer Gate is 4000, while the cap is 4050. An Adok Bomb is also found within the level.


The area has plenty of Bagular's henchmen, such as submarines that fire homing missiles, turrets that fire air-to-surface missiles, and two robots. Since there is nothing but water below the high ledges of Killer Gate and the gaps are too far apart for Bomberman to jump across, Bomberman must traverse through the gate using the Bomber Copter. The gate looks something like a drawbridge guarding an entrance to the castle, and there is a small door at the northern side leading to the Spiral Tower.


Bomberman begins Killer Gate by equipping the Bomber Copter, since there is nothing but water down below that will cause Bomberman harm if he touches as Bomberman cannot swim. In order to open the gate, Bomberman must destroy 10 submarines. After this objective has been completed, the door at the northern end of Killer Gate will open, allowing Bomberman to continue his journey.

Adok Bomb

The Adok Bomb in this level can be found under the bridge on the left right by the submarine. White Bomberman must hover down a little to get the Adok Bomb as close as possible.

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