The Jetters are a group of different races created to protect the universe from the evil Hige-Hige Bandits. They make an appearance in Bomberman Jetters and its anime.



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Jetters Base

See Jetters Base

The Jetters Base is the headquarters of the Jetters, found within Planet Jetters. Within the base houses the main method of transportation to traverse around the universe, the Cosmo Jetter, along with other small vehicles to help the Jetters during missions.

Jetters Badge


A Jetters badge

The Jetters badge is an item the Jetters use for identifying themselves, communication, and transportation to Jetters base when pointed at some type of electronic device scattered around in Planet Jetters.


  • Misty's status as a Jetters member is unknown. At the end of the series, Misty receives a note from the Jetters and finds that the broken badge in the flashback episode "Misty's Big Plan" has been fixed by Mighty.

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