The Hige Hige Bandits (ヒゲヒゲ団, or Hige Hige Dan) are the group of underlings that serve Mujoe in the Bomberman series. They are most often seen in the Bomberman Jetters anime, as well as several Bomberman games.


They wear black costumes and have two antennas on their head. They have large eyes and a large mouth, but they lack a visible nose. The only word they are ever heard speaking is "Hige" or some variation of it.


The word Hige means "mustache" or "beard" in Japanese, in reference to the facial hair of their leader Mujoe. The emblem of the Hige Hige Bandits even incorporates a mustache into the design. The Bandits often run around cluelessly and make many careless mistakes because of their simple-minded nature. In many cases, they are the reason that Mujoe loses to the Jetters when they confront one another. Nevertheless, they always make an earnest effort to fight together, in spite of their their poor abilities.

Episode 14 of the Jetters anime contains many details about the daily lives and personality of the Hige Hige Bandits. They are shown to all live, work, and train together in a sort of military barracks. While they are loyal to each other, most of them are portrayed as not being very loyal to Mujoe, who often shows them propaganda films that portray him in an unrealistically positive light while diminishing their efforts. The Bandits are not fooled by these videos, and act annoyed at them, throwing food at the TV. It is also shown that the Bandits receive knowledge through a CD drive in the back of their heads, though this is prone to malfunctioning and deleting all of their data.

Chige-Chige Bandits


Chige-Chige Bandits

In Bomberman Jetters, there is a group of bandits that resemble and behave very similarly to the Higes. They are known as the Chige-Chige Bandits and are led by a man named Achoe, who resembles Mujoe. The Chiges have a reddish-brown costume and are always seen wearing pots over their heads.

Bomberman Fantasy Race

A Hige Hige Bandit is playable in this game, and he goes by the name Mechbomber 015, or Sentouin#15 (せんとういん15号).

Bomberman Tournament

In Bomberman Tournament, they appearead in all Bases as standard enemies and appeared to be under the servitude of the Dastardly Bombers, along with many other enemies. They were among the easiest enemies in the game, with simple movement patterns and would only walk in White Bomberman's direction when he was nearby. They had the habit of "dancing" every so often, which left them vulnerable to attack.

A special variant of the Hige-hige Bandit appeared in Fantasy wielding a gun which it could fire in rapid succession. The projectiles however can be blocked with Ceedrun's ability and easily avoided, and the Bandit themselves were still vulnerable when "dancing".

Hige-hige Bandits also appeared in the game three times where they were not directly fought; the first time was a minigame where one must utilise Bombs to set off cannons to free ToughGuy, using ToughGuy's ability to throw bombs across a ravine to kill 3 Hige-hige Bandits to cause an avalance to cross it, and finally traversing a track consisting entirely of Hige-Hige bandits to free Pommy Animal.

Bomberman Land Portable

Creatures that share the appearance of the Hige Hige Bandits (here just called Guards) act as the subjects of Dark Bomber in Bomberman Land Portable.

Super Bomberman R

They appear to serve Buggler.

Notable Hige Hige Bandits

See No. 156

No. 156, despite looking almost identical to any other generic Hige Hige, is the most notable Hige Hige Bandit. His name debuts in episode 14, where the entire episode focuses on him and his daily life. He appears in other episodes however, and he seems to be very loyal to Mujoe.

See No. 398

No. 398 is also one of the most notable Hige Hige Bandits; His initial role was to go undercover and live out a normal life, getting a job and raising a family on Planet Jetters so he could spy on the Jetters HQ. Since he appears to have raised a family however, his undercover work may now be in question, which is acknowledged by other characters in the anime, including Mujoe. His job role is the "Department Chief Hige".


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