The Heavy Room is a level in Bomberman Hero, located within Area 1 of Planet Bomber. This level introduces a new item called the Adok Bomb, electric floors, and a Barrier Tower that can impede Bomberman's progress. Other than that, it is a start-to-finish level. The target score for the Heavy Room is 4500, while the cap score is 4550.


The objective of the Heavy Room is basically destroying all of the enemies and collecting jewels, like the Battle Room, and moving from left to right. It is here that Bomberman must find the first Adok Bomb at the beginning of the room by jumping up the ledge to the left, and jumping left again after collecting the Radio. As Bomberman arrives at the halfway point, he will find a Barrier Tower guarding the level, impeding progress. The machine's core must be struck once with a bomb blast in order to disable it and destroy the barrier.

Bomberman Hero Walkthrough (Part 4) - Heavy Room02:35

Bomberman Hero Walkthrough (Part 4) - Heavy Room

Walkthrough for the Heavy Room

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