Great Rock is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the second level of Area 3 of Planet Bomber, Peace Mountains, and the target score is 3000 (though, it can go over to 3050 thanks to the Adok Bomb present in the level). Great Rock can be accessed after completing Clown Valley.


Great Rock takes place on a large cliff that leads upwards. The color scheme is also similar to that of Clown Valley.


The main objective is to reach the end of the level by climbing upwards. There are mainly enemies that shoot fireballs in the level that can throw White Bomberman off of his course. Earning the target score can prove difficult due to the tricky jumps needed to get up. After completing this level, White Bomberman can access the next level Fog Route.


  • Fireball Shooting Enemies
  • Tree Stump Monsters

Adok Bomb

The Adok Bomb in this level can be found on a small, hidden ledge. White Bomberman must climb up halfway and drop down until he reaches it.

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