Great Bomber (Bomber Great in Japanese) is an evil bomber, subordinate to Bagura, and one of the secondary villains of the Super Bomberman 4. Typically seen in black and purple with a large cape, Great Bomber is, although not directly a part of them, the boss of the Four Bomber Kings, an assassination squad assembled by Bagura to get revenge on White Bomberman and substitute the Five Dastardly Bombers.


After Bagura's original body was caught in the exploding Battleship and his brain managed to escape in Super Bomberman 3, he created Great Bomber and the Four Bomber Kings to assassinate White Bomberman, as well as substitute the fallen Dastardly Bombers.

In Super Bomberman 4, while Bagura was planning his revenge, White Bomberman enjoyed a moment of rest with Black Bomberman and their friends while returning home on a space shuttle. All passengers were unaware that the Four Bomber Kings were approaching the shuttle, and they strike the ship. A time hole in space is created that transports White and Black to the prehistoric age. There, White meets Great Bomber, who tells he is leading the Four Bomber Kings on an operation through time to change the past and capture White and his friends. White and Black then battled through time and defeated the Four Bomber Kings twice. Great Bomber then confronted the duo in Hyperspace as the last line of resistance, but wasn't capable of stopping them.


Great Bomber is stated to be perfectionist.


  • Invincibility - Great Bomber can become completely invincible for a short time. During this time he cannot move. This leaves him at minimum power for 10 seconds afterwards.
  • Kick - He will actively kick bombs.
  • Push - When in close range, Great Bomber will use the push attack against others.
  • Boxing Glove - He will actively punch bombs.
  • Great Bomber also retains the same general ability that the other Bomber Kings have: Becoming a "comet."
  • Bomb - like any other bomber, Great Bomber can use bombs.


  • Great Bomber and his allies are the first villain Bombermen to be made playable characters (with the exception of other colored Bombermen and Pretty Bomber). They are also the first to sport special abilities.
  • In Neo Bomberman, Atomic Bomber greatly resembles Great Bomber in looks and abilities.
  • Bomber Elite of Bomberman Generation is probably based on Great Bomber. Both are the leader of their gang, both use invulnerability, and both are purple. Additionally, Great Bomber's name is formatted similarly in Japanese (Bomber Great).