Grand Bomber is one of the members of the Bomber Shitennou. He makes an appearance in the Bomberman Jetters anime as well as the game. His name is often confused as "Ground Bomber" which is easily justified because his attribute is earth.

In the anime, like the other members of the Shitennou, he was created from a group of Charabom police officers on Planet Charabom when they were hit with the Hige Hige's Bomberman conversion machine.


Grand Bomber is the least intelligent of the group; easily being confused by what others say. However, he is more mature than Flame and Mermaid, and the most friendly and kind member of the Shitennou. He indicates that he would rather be a peaceful rice farmer than have to fight for the Hige Hige. It took him a while to realize the Jetters were the people he had become friends with. Because he felt torn between his alliances to the Hige-Hige Bandits and the Jetters, he ultimately asked White Bomber to defeat him in battle, so he would no longer have to struggle with his identity. He was very good friends with White Bomber by the end of his life.


In the anime, Grand can use a Clay Bomb, which is a green pot-shaped bomb that has an earth attribute. When he summons his battle stage, his body becomes covered in spikes and his stage is a field where crops are planted (comically, it has the exact same appearance as the normal field that he had been in before). After some training, he was able to use the Brick Bomb which created a wall of bricks around him. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't enough to overcome his weakness to fire.

In the Gamecube/PS2 game Grand Bomber can tuck inside himself and perform a rolling attack that can withstand bomb explosions. He can also create a massive explosion by slamming the ground, and shoot out his spikes while floating. He acts far more aggressive and competent in battle than in the anime.


  • His battlefield is a farm field in the anime, while in the game, it is a rocky underground arena that has a similar design to the traditional Bomberman maze.
  • While he is able to generate bombs in the anime, he never perform the rolling attack or other attacks seen in the game.


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