Gold Cards are collectibles in Bomberman 64 that are required for access to the Rainbow Palace. 100 Cards are required to access the palace, but other rewards can be obtained by collecting the remaining 20 and completing certain other requirements.


Access the Rainbow Palace .

  • Collect 100 Gold Cards and defeat Altair.

Unlock Credits

  • Complete the game with 100 Gold Cards.

Unlock Fan, High Heels, Shogun Kimono and Samuari Head.

  • Collect 120 Gold Cards.

Unlock Four New Stages in Battle Mode

  • Collect 120 Gold Cards (alternatively, press the Start button rapidly on the main menu)

Unlock the Full Power Option

  • Complete the game with 120 Gold Cards.

Unlock Golden Armor

  • Complete the game on Hard Mode with 120 Gold Cards in under three hours.


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