hi i have screachet the wiki and y found this wiki have no info about? Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman (J) is a game only relesed in japan and published by hudson and takara,the game also had? his own anime caled:tay ban bi cu phach,the game story? starts? in a? laboratory wiht a? scientist and wiht 4 more characters,latter? a mysterious man apears? entering the laboratory? system,and? the 3 charaters enters the laboratory system? to find the mysterious man,the game had like 5 bosses,wiht? 4 worlds and 3 of them have the bosses,the 1 world is the most smallest map in the game wiht the easiest nevels in the game,the 2 world cloud be considered the 1 world of the game? and only in the 2? world you can find the other? 2 charaters you lost from the start,is not obligatory to get them,af you try to ignore them it will only? change the subtitles? evrytime you are in a boss cutsene,you can chose? which boss you will get first,the 1 boss? is a? man in green shirt to beat him you gota hit the tubes you found in the stage,the 2 boss is a blue shirt guy wiht a scauter,to beat him you need to shoot in 10 cans,this chalange can be? inuque for 1 reason,you can aim? arround the stage that makes it even more hard,when you done beatin world 2 bosses,you go? to the 3 world,the 3 world? dont have the? rest of the 2 charaters you losted in the start,this world had 2 bosses,the 4 boss is a gril,to beat her you need to hold? R? or L af you try to shoot? windout holdin? R or L(or holdin R? or L at same time)you wll be? instantly hit got 10 points and you win,the 5 boss is a kid,to beat him hit the sighs in the stage? and get 10 points to win,now to the world? 4,world 4 is the mos bigest map in the game,the 6? boss is the mistirious man of the start of the game,to beat him hit him 10 times or beat him by time limit to win,when you done beatin him the game is not over,her comes the 7 boss and final boss,the final boss is the most hardest boss in the game,the final boss attacks are realy hard to avoid and can be one of the most hardest bosses in bomberman? series,when you finaly beated him you shaw all the bosses you beated? vanishin wiht? happy faces somethink that you dont shaw the first time you faced them,before wachin all of them disapear,a? quake in the laboratory system will delete all the maps you have been,and thats all,not too much cool end i think? i loved the bosses they are cool,and you woudl say:why u dint put this in? a topic or somethink like that?is cuz i dont know how to do post or new stuff in her,af you whant to copy and paste anythink y puted her you are? welcome,y just posted this before doing somethink stupid or fail spam,sorry for ma bad english hope i have helped all of you!? ? ?
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