Fire Ninja is an enemy that first appeared in Super Bomberman 4. It is a red-clad ninja that can transform itself into a bomb.

Super Bomberman 4/Super Bomberman 5

Fire Ninja moves at a normal pace, randomly pausing before turning or reversing directions at intersections. It will also change directions upon colliding with a block, bomb, or other enemy. It will harm the player on collision.

Randomly, Fire Ninja will stop in the middle of a tile space, transform into a bomb, and then explode. In Super Bomberman 4, the explosion has maximum range, while in Super Bomberman 5, it has a range of five Fire. It may choose to change directions after transforming back into its ninja form. If a Fire Ninja is hit by another Fire Ninja's explosion, it will yield no score increase.

In Super Bomberman 5, Fire Ninja only changes direction upon colliding with an obstacle or, occasionally, after transforming from its bomb form back into its ninja form.

Bomberman Max

In Bomberman Max, Fire Ninja moves at a normal pace, constantly pursuing the player. Periodically, it will stop in the middle of a tile space, transform into a bomb, and explode. Its explosion has a range of four Fire.


  • The Japanese name "Bakumaru" is composed of the Japanese word "baku", which probably refers to "bakudan", meaning "bomb", and "maru", a suffix for names that was popular in the Edo period.
  • In their original appearance, Fire Ninja, Jump Ninja, and Pitch Ninja were all named "Chibimaru". "Chibi" is a Japanese word that is used to describe small children or small, "cute" characters.


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