FireKong is a Charabom that only appeared in Bomberman Tournament.

Bomberman Tournament

FireKong is found in ColdSea, a route between Alpha and Beta, in a small grey building. The building can be easily spotted when players walk through ColdSea at the beginning of the game. The tree must be knocked down by a bomb blast and Sibaloon's Rainbow Bridge ability is required to cross the gap. Once players enter the building, FireKong joins the player's team.

Max Stats
Attribute:EleFire (Fire)
 EleEarth (Earth)
SmallHp 210


FireKong can set off bombs at will by pressing B. Bombs explode in the order they were laid, and any Bombs in reach of another bomb's blast will also explode. Landmines may also be set off using this ability, and do not explode from another Bomb's blast. The ability only works with bombs laid while he is active.


A battle screen with FireKong from guidebook

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