Dorako is a Charabom species resembling a t-rex that appeared almost all Bomberman games featuring Charaboms. In Bomberman Max and Bomberman Max 2 some sort of relation to Max is implied.

Bomberman Max

Dorako is the first Charabom befriended by Max in the Red version.

Bomberman Max 2

His role is similar to that in the previous game. He increases bomb power by 1 stage, except when it's already maxed out (at 4)

Type Fire
Level 60
Attack 256
Defense 204
Special 200
Agility 70
Ability Fire +1

Location: Red Version, Area 1-1

Bomberman Tournament

In Bomberman Tournament, he resides on the planet Phantarion. He is given to White Bomberman by a Wise Man called Boo, in Plasma Base.

Max Stats
Attribute:EleFire (Fire)
SmallHp 180


He must be fused with Pommy Beast using SID to make Pommy Dragon, who opens the last door in the base. He can also light up dark rooms in bases and the Dark Cave (where this is required to recruit Thunder Liger.

Bomberman Generation

Location: 1-2

Attribute: Fire

Ability: Full Fire

Description: Bombs will explode at their maximum power, regardless of your current Fire Up level.

Bomberman Jetters

Dorako is found in Volcano Climbing. His ability is to increase Bomberman's basic abilities. When he is leveled up, the basic abilities increase even further.