Dokutamagon is an enemy from Super Bomberman 5. It appears in Zone 5. Dokutamagon starts out the level in disguise as one of its many Soft Blocks. An explosion is necessary in order to force this enemy to show itself. Once Dokutamagon is revealed, it will constantly pursue the player, occasionally pausing to look at its surroundings. It will yield a Rooey Egg upon its destruction.


  • A Wall Pass can also be used to detect Dokutamagon. Although it will be disguised as a Soft Block, the disguise doubles as a Hard Block, and as a result, the player will be unable to pass through it.
  • Dokutamagon will not produce a Rooey Egg if there are already 2 on the screen.
  • The name "Dokutamagon" is derived from the Japanese words "doku", meaning "poison", and "tamago", meaning "egg".

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