This article is about Dark Force Bomber from Bomberman Jetters. If you are looking for an article with the same name or nearly identical name, see Dark Force Bombers.

Dark Force Bomber is the strongest Bomberman to be created by artificial means. Despite his angelic appearance, he is an incredibly evil being and makes an appearance in the Bomberman Jetters anime as well as the game.

In the animeEdit

Dark Force Bomber is created when MechaDoc blasts himself and the remains of the Proto-Max Units with the beam from the super combined Bomberman making machine. He can summon a ball of energy on his fingertip that can fire beams that explode like bombs. Despite his great power, he is defeated by White Bomber's Shining Fire Bomb, which turns him back into MechaDoc.

In the GameEdit

Things occur differently in the game. Dark Force is created when the statues of the fallen Shitennou members come together. He can use several of their powers but has developed several of his own.