Clattering Box (ガタガタプロツク) is a trap that appears in Super Bomberman 3. It is a moveable Hard Block that adds a puzzle element to a stage.

Every Clattering Box has a directional arrow on it. If the box is hit by an explosion from the direction opposite to where the arrow symbol is pointing, then the box will move onto the next space in the direction of its arrow. For example, if a box with a rightward-pointing arrow is blasted on its left side, it will move one space to the right. However, if it is blasted from any other direction, it will not move.

Some boxes have arrows that point in multiple directions. For example, a box with an arrow that points to both the left and right can be blasted from either the left or right, but not from the top or bottom.

Clattering Boxes will not move if their destination is blocked by a bomb or block. If the obstacle on the other side of the box is a player, and there is further space on the other side of the player, then the box will move and push the player back. However, if there is no room for the player to be pushed back, then the box will be pushed on top of the player and will crush him or her.


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