Buroru, also known as Burol, Maron, and Toran the Ghost, is an enemy that first appeared in the TurboGrafx-16 game Bomberman.


In Bomberman, Maron moves at a normal pace, randomly turning or reversing directions upon colliding with walls or bombs.

Bomberman II

Maron moves at a normal pace, randomly turning or reversing directions upon colliding with a wall or bomb. After moving four tile spaces (or rather, after having landed in an intersection twice), it will pause for a moment before resuming its movement pattern. When Maron is stopped, will start towards Bomberman if it is in line of sight. It first appears in Area 5-1.[1]


In Bomberman '93, Maron's movement pattern is identical to its first appearance, but it moves slowly.[2]

Strategy (Panic Bomber)

In Bomberman: Panic Bomber, Buroru moves at a average speed, and it likes to make stacks in the corners of its field. It may be a hard or easy enemy depending on the player's skills; acting faster generally means victory is assured.

In Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W, Buroru is not a very strong opponent.[3] It moves its pieces into position and waits until they are two blocks from the top of the field before quickly moving them down into position.

In the Virtual Boy version, Buroru was renamed to "Toran the Ghost" in the U.S. version. It is described as a tenacious opponent.[4]

Bomberman Quest

Buroru appears as an opponent in the Field Zone. It moves slowly, wandering aimlessly. It has 3 HP and yields the Yo-yo upon defeat.[5]



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