Breaking Stairs (こわれる階段, Kowa reru kaidan) are a trap that appears in Super Bomberman 2. They appear as regular floor panels that bridge two areas of the map, but will disappear if they are hit by an explosion. This will completely seal off one portion of the map and potentially render the stage unsolvable by trapping the player.

If the player is standing on a set of Breaking Stairs when they are destroyed, and the player survives the explosion (by possessing at least one Heart powerup), then one of two things may happen:

  1. If the gap once covered by the Breaking Stairs is only two tile spaces in length, then the player will bounce onto the nearest floor space.
  2. If the gap once covered by the Breaking Stairs is three or more tile spaces in length, and the player is positioned over an open pit, then the player will fall off of the map and lose a life.


  1. Super Bomberman 2 Hudson Soft Guidebook, pg. 41

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