Not to be confused with the Japanese name for Bomberman Tournament. Bomberman Story DS (ボンバーマンストーリーDS) is a puzzle/action RPG video game for the Nintendo DS.


Professor Xeal and The Lords of the Galaxy have stolen scientific data. The Justice Department hires White Bomber as a special agent to help them retrieve the info.


This game plays like traditional Bomberman games except with an experience system. The player must navigate the map on each planet to locate the dungeon and then the boss. Along the way they must defeat enemies and destroy soft blocks with bombs. Every time an enemy is defeated it will display the experience that was earned by the player. After enough experience is obtained, they will level up and gain a new skill like increased number of bombs or fire power.

There are also various types of bombs that can be obtained that have different functions. They are kept in a specific quantity and more can be found from inside soft blocks or defeated monsters.


Cheerful White

Cheerful White (usually known as Bomberman, White Bomber, or Shirobon) has been called in by Professor Ein to assist The Justice Department with retrieval of important stolen data. Cheerful White is a well known hero who will always do what he can to save the Galaxy.

Professor Ein

A great scientist, and one of the head researchers for The Justice Department. Professor Ein is usually the one who gives Cheerful White his missions, and is the only character in the game (aside from Cheerful White) to appear before in a Bomberman game.

The Justice Department

These five heroes have been fighting crime throughout the galaxy. They require Cheerful White's assistance during their mission against Professor Xeal.

The Lords of the Galaxy

Led by Professor Xeal, these villains help the Professor with his plan to use the Barotal that he stole.


when you find all the anti-colored objects, we pump light, this pump is much easier to defeat an enemy semifinal


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