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Bomberman Party Edition (Bomberman in Japan and Europe) is a game released for the Sony PlayStation. It features a revamped single player mode and a multiplayer mode with many diverse options.

Single Player

The single player mode is a remake of the NES Bomberman. The player must defeat all the enemies in the stage and find the exit before time runs out. This mode features two options: a retro and a modern mode. The modern mode features fresh graphics and remixed music while retro mode retains the graphics and sounds of the NES version.

This game also features a save mode so the player can resume play at the stage they stopped on. It also has a password system to visit levels. After every 10 levels, if the player has chosen modern mode, they will get to see a quick cutscene between White and Black Bomberman. After every 5 levels a Bonus Stage appears.



This game features one of the most diverse multiplayer modes of its time. The chosen difficulty set (Beginner, Normal or Advanced) will determines the available options, stages, and characters.




  • Louie (Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Brown)








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