Not to be confused with Bomberman Online (Dreamcast).

Bomberman Online (also known as Online Bomberman) is an online game released for the PC. The game is only available in select areas such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. As for July 2012, All of Servers have been shut down.


  • Survival - classic Bomberman gameplay
  • Panel Paint - the floor has colored panels and when your bombs explode it changes the panels in your blast radius. The player with the most panels at the end of the time limit wins.
  • Hyperbomb - special items are available on the map and there are five in total. Only three are required to enter the center room on the map.
  • Boss Survival - the player will face a boss of their choosing. Special items can be purchased to help defeat the boss.


Bomberman online included two modes, at the launcher window:

UDP Auto: This mode helps the user to play the game without portforwarding, it is used for most users but if your connection is not fast, this setting will heavily lag the server, in a result of being kicked of the server.

UDP On: This mode helps you to move smoothly (0% Lag), but there are few users with that setting, so you have to enter special rooms called "Only Ons", "Ons here", or anything with the word On's, The users with the option "UDP auto" will also see you like an Auto (a bit lagging), because they are not On's


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