Bomberman Hero, known as Bomberman Hero: Princess Millian Rescue! (ボンバーマンヒーロー ミリアン王女を救え!) in Japan, was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998 and for the Virtual Console in 2011. Hero focuses on single player action and is one of the few Bomberman games to not have a multiplayer mode.


As taken from the English manual:

"Bomberman was training very hard day and night at Bomber Base to keep the universe peaceful.

One day, he received an order to check out a spaceship that had crashed in the Peace Mountains. When our hero arrived at the scene, he found a strange looking robot. According to this robot, the planet Primus Star was attacked by the Garaden Empire. This robot was able to escape with Princess Millian of Primus Star via spaceship, but the Garaden Empire captured them and took the princess away...

To help out, Bomberman left his home and embarked on a journey to save Princess Millian!"


The player must navigate White Bomber through 3D environments to find the exit. When they clear the stage they are given a score 1-5 on how high their score was. You can build your score by defeating enemies, collecting gems or power ups, or destroying objects. To earn a 5 you must earn every possible point in the stage. There are five planets and one secret one. Most of the planets have three areas with about 5 to 7 stages each.



  • This game was featured on the cover of Nintendo Power Issue 111
  • Since Bomberman Hero lacks a mutliplayer mode, it was much less desirable than Bomberman 64 and Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.
  • This is the only Bomberman game for the N64 which Bomberman can't pump bombs.
  • This is the first Bomberman game to feature a life bar.


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