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Bomberman GB 2 (known simply as Bomberman GB outside Japan) is a game for the original Game Boy and was released in North America in April of 1998. It is the first portable Bomberman game to feature a motif, and it is an adventurer/treasure hunter theme.


"Bomberman" has been combing a vast jungle in search of the Ring of Wishes. He discovers a ruins with the jungle and as he is reading a scripture, falls through a trap in the floor. He must find his way out of the dungeon and find the Ring of Wishes.


Opening 3

Falling into a trap.

For the most part, the game plays like a traditional Bomberman game on a grid-like field. Before each new area, the player can select between Mode A and B which is different for every area. The modes create different rules that must be followed in order to clear each level in the area. For example, in Area 1 if the player chooses Mode A they must defeat all enemies. If the player chooses Mode B then they must defeat the monsters in order, according to where the arrow is pointing.

After clearing an area, the player earns a new ability that can help them later on in the game. For example, after clearing Area 1 the player earns the ability to use the whip. They can use the whip to knock bombs away from them (similar to the Boxing Glove's ability).

Name Confusion

The Bomberman GB series order was changed outside Japan when the first Bomberman GB was released as Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! To remove numbering confusion, the game originally known as Bomberman GB 2 was renamed Bomberman GB in territories where the Wario-themed version replaced it.


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