Bomberman 64 Symbol

Black Fortress Security

Black Fortress Security is the security team/military installation used to protect the Black Fortress. It is run solely by Altair. They have multiple units and armaments to stop any threat that appears in their territory.


Some time following the theft of the Omni-cube, Altair began his domination of the galaxy. Taking energy from planets and worlds, he turned his focus to Planet Bomber. Once the White Bomber and Sirius began their counter assault and attack on the Black Fortress and its shield generators, these forces were deployed to engage and stop them.


After the betrayal of Sirius, the Black Fortress became silent, it is unclear whether evacuations were under way, a counterattack on the Rainbow Palace was taking place, or Bomberman had killed them all. After Sirius was defeated, the residents of Planet Bomber jump for joy as the tower begins to explode and plummet to the ground below.


Common Security Units

  • Black Fortress Unit-Large blade - Red uniformed operatives, most common unit.
  • Black Fortress Officer-Dual sickle blade wielding - Blue uniformed operatives, will spin around in an effort to strike their target, dangerous in large groups.
  • Black Fortress Miner-Pickax wielding - Green uniformed operatives, swings pickax uncontrollably at target. (Specific to Red Mountain and Black Fortress)

Black Fortress specific units

  • Black Fortress Missile Officer-Rocket Launcher wielding Purple uniformed operatives, will fire a rocket at target.
  • Hunter-Gun turret, locks onto enemy and fires, can be out-maneuvered.
  • Surprise-Blade Jet Robot, Dive-bombs enemies.

Blue Resort specific units

  • Za Guard-bullet-firing operative, fires one large round in a direction.
  • Blast Cannon-Large black cannon that fires mortar-like rounds. only high pump explosives can damage them.

White Glacier specific units

  • Snowboard Unit-A Black Fortress unit with a scarf and snowboard, can be avoided if enemy is fast enough.

Red Mountain

  • Mine Kart Unit-A Black Fortress Miner in a Mine Kart, only lethal if on direct collision with enemy.

Green Garden

  • N/A


  • The Black Fortress Security insignia can be seen everywhere, most notably in White Glacier, on the level select.

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