Barom (バロム, literally Baromu), also known as Ballom, Balloom, Valcom, Drifty, and Balloon, is a balloon-like enemy that appears in most of the classic Bomberman games. When it appears, it is typically the first enemy to be encountered.


In the original computer game, Barom has a very unpredictable movement pattern. On the NES version they're slow, but as in its predcessor, their movement can be very unpredictable. They won't chase after Bomberman though. In most of its appearances from Bomberman II and on, Barom moves slowly, turning or reversing directions upon colliding with a wall or bomb.

In Bomberman '93, Barom can pursue Bomberman in a close-range when he's close. It appears in Blossom Planet and Planet Techo. Big Barom appears in the latter, and it changes direction in contact to the wall and other obstacle. It spawns two normal Baroms upon destruction.


In the Panic Bomber series, Barom appears in the first stage in every game. It is the weakest opponent and moves very slowly.

In Bomberman Quest it appears as the first enemy in Field Zone. It moves slowly and randomly, but is attracted to bombs. It has 3 HP and yields a Fire item upon its defeat.[1]

In Super Bomberman R, Barom appears as a simple enemy. It's slightly redesigned to have two stubby legs. Dark variations appear in later stages.


  • In Bomberman for DS, there is a Battle Game stage called Barom that includes Baroms as enemies.



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