Bakudan 5 is an enemy from Super Bomberman 5. It appears in Zone 5. It always moves forward at a slow pace, and always turns to the right after colliding with a wall or other obstacle. It will only turn left when the path to the right is blocked, and will never reverse direction unless it goes into a dead end. It will pursue the player if he or she is within 4 tile spaces, even diagonally.

If one of the smaller bombs within Bakudan 5's body is destroyed, the rest of Bakudan 5 will break apart and scatter. The head will resume its normal pattern of movement, but at a faster pace. The smaller bombs will run around aimlessly, constantly running back and forth, or turning at intersections only to turn back the way it just came, resulting in those pieces remaining stuck in the same general area. The head of Bakudan 5 has 2 HP, while each part of its body only has 1 HP. If the head is destroyed without any other body part having been hit, the rest of Bakudan 5 will also be destroyed.

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