Bajira is a pig-like character appearing in the Bomberman Jetters anime. He debuted in episode 3 as a rich and carefree person. Although, he became rich due to the Beckoning Cat of Happiness, which will bring the owner enough money for life.

In his early life, he used to be a hard worker. Once he obtained the Beckoning Cat of Happiness, he wouldn't work anymore. He would play around doing nothing. However, once White Bomber breaks the Beckoning Cat of Happiness, he had started working again.

Bajira reappeared again as a space-fisherman. During his travels, he rescued Mujoe's life and obtained a bottled letter from the loyal Hige-Hige Bandits. Mujoe, along with Bajira and his servant, invaded the Shumulvault in an attempt to rescue Bagura, held captive by MechaDoc.


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